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New Display Feature. Please read.

New Display Feature. Please read.

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Posted: 06-18-14 4:12 PM - Views: 8494

By: Jt

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I have added one more choice to the way you can display thumbnails.

You can Use the default ( Show Caption ) method which shows a static caption beneath the thumbnail or you can go with the ( Hover for Caption ) which shows the caption when you hover over the thumbnail.

The above choices are available from the "Settings" menu at the top of the page. Currently, selected choices from the menu will be highlighted in red.

You can see in the attached images the difference.

Show Caption


Hover for Caption



Reply from Glen Charles on 08-4-14 12:10 PM

The first thing I want to see is the name of the photographer, so the detailed presentation is best for me.

I like the new home page choice.

Reply from Lilia Binder on 06-18-14 4:48 PM


I do prefer the new version. Gives it a cleaner, classier look.
The viewer can concentrate without distraction of print. Once viewed, one can revert to details.

Like it!

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