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Regards to Comments on Images

Regards to Comments on Images

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Posted: 05-7-14 2:00 AM - Views: 1138

By: Ced Muscat

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I don't think every image one likes warrants a comment.
Perhaps we could add a "Thumbsup" icon for images we like but don't feel a need to comment on. I believe folks browsing don't always have the time to write comments that are original and yet like some images they come across.
My 2 pence worth...


Reply from Glen Charles on 05-27-14 12:16 PM

I look forward to reviewing comments on my pictures. In fact that is usually the first place I go when I log in. Some are humorous, and some are insightful also. Comments bring the photographer to mind, and I am encouraged to check out their latest work, this helps me to see where they are coming from - i.e. what interests them at the moment, because that changes with time.
Comments make this site special. Comments are often posted within minutes of a picture posting, once or twice before I have even completed the camera info!
Sometimes I like a picture but don't leave comments. When I get a like, if I know the photographer through his/her work, then I know why they liked the picture and a comment is unneccesary. But do keep those likes coming, as they encourage me to post more pictures.
Reply from Ced Muscat on 05-12-14 1:31 PM

JT, I think an excellent compromise!
Reply from Jt on 05-12-14 10:52 AM

Ok. a slight compromise.

You can like photos without comments but no automated email will be sent to photographer.
Reply from Heinz Krubner on 05-9-14 3:47 PM

Not every picture which someone likes is requesting a comment. And everybody can comment if he or she feels that this should be done. Therefore I feel that the system before was better than the new one. By the way, with the new system there is the danger of a lot of "standard comments" - which makes no specific sense ....
Reply from Theo Steijaert on 05-9-14 5:52 AM

I agree with the comment of Lilia.
Reply from Ced Muscat on 05-8-14 5:18 AM

An example of times that I visit the site perhaps a few days have passed and in that time there have been dozens of images posted. It is not always possible to keep up with these and if one browses and comes across an image seen as a thumbnail to begin with then click to enlarge and see that it is an interesting image or just ordinary but like then also HAS to comment will make the browsing tedious. I post images to share and don't expect comments (nice if someone finds it pleases them) but we have all such varied taste and one image today might be superb and another day just another image. It is this variety that I love to see when I visit the site. Thanks to those that take the trouble to share with us their creativity!
Reply from Jt on 05-7-14 10:17 PM


i am thinking of a way to make this work so we can have a like that does not require a comment. give me time. Maybe a thumbs up like someone mentioned or maybe a like that does not count towards comments.
Reply from Jerry on 05-7-14 9:10 PM

Just to make a point! On another site, I have an image with some 1780+ views, and one (1) comment. One like? Go figure?

Reply from Jerry on 05-7-14 9:05 PM

Just an opinion....from an old photographer!

I for one, try very hard to make images that are different from all the others. I never was much of a follower. I make images for myself. I am pleased if others enjoy viewing them.
If someone wants to tell me why they like or dislike an image, by all means, do it. If you have a suggestion you believe might improve an image, great!
There seems to be enough critics to go around.
Why do photographers make a particular image? Is it to see how many LKES it will receive?
Is it to share a special moment, in time and place!
Maybe it's simply to share an image that reflects that persons creative endeavor towards making that one of a kind, elusive image we all strive for, that stands apart from all others.
I welcome any, and all, comments about my posted images. You're hereby invited!
The way I see it, we're all in this together! Let's try to help each other out!
LIKES, or NOT, I'll submit images anyway. I have to make images! Might as well share them, right!

With Kindest Regards,
Just another guy with a camera.
Reply from Lilia Binder on 05-7-14 1:19 PM

For many of us time is limited. Commentary is always appreciated for helping us improve no matter which methodology is chosen.

Personally, I have no qualms about LIKES as I know one of my colleagues/ friends has taken the time to say hello....I like your work. Small gestures mean a great deal.
If one takes the time to write a sentence or two then that is extra special.

Let's not set parameters. Many of us have busy lives, and do not wish to be "pigeon-holed" with constraints. We should encourage, rather than discourage, and that is always done with freedom of choice in an open environment.

And, taking Ced's lead of 2 pence, I add my 2 cents! :)

Best to all,
Reply from Jt on 05-7-14 9:47 AM

What about a user setting that lets each user pick if a like for his or her photos requires a comment or not.
Reply from Bill Schneider on 05-7-14 9:31 AM

I'm with ced as far as comments.

Reply from Gip Young on 05-7-14 6:40 AM

I frequently run through whats posted and then go back later to comment and having fewer likes would not be the end of the world. I agree with Glenn I appreciate others telling me what they like, but also telling me what they don't like would be helpful. Not rude comments, but constructive comments. If we are courteous it may encourage more dialog.

Reply from Ced Muscat on 05-7-14 6:04 AM

Maybe upload pictures for critique in a separate area and expect whatever comes to you one way or the other.
Reply from Glen Charles on 05-7-14 5:32 AM

We could make the comments more meaningful. That might encourage the use of them. A "like" really doesn't help the photographer, except to see what is popular, and that encourages more of the same style of picture. What we seem to be lacking in general is experimental work - the photographer going out on a limb with ideas he would like to explore. And then no-one wants to really criticize someone else's work. I have been disappointed in that I get lots of attaboys, but hardly any critique which would help me see the problem with the picture. Perhaps we should limit postings to people's top 100 pictures, and we could vote on which were keepers and which should be swapped out?
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