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What are your thoughts on new Custom Galleries

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What are your thoughts on new Custom Galleries

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 04-6-14 9:39 AM - Views: 7906

By: Leica Images

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Post your thoughts and questions here in regards to the email you received from Leicaimages about Custom Galleries.

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Reply Nr.6 from Ced Muscat on 04-14-14 1:45 PM

JT, It just occurred to me that the camera and lens info has to be hunted for in the exif data now of the image being viewed...
Reply Nr.5 from Ced Muscat on 04-8-14 9:03 AM

JT love the custom gallery! It was not clear when adding an image if it was added or not. Would love to use my keyboard arrows to advance/go back while browsing...
Reply Nr.4 from Odd Geir Saether on 04-7-14 2:26 PM

I have good faith/belief in this concept - will look more into it when I get a little more time
Reply Nr.3 from Leica Images on 04-7-14 11:45 AM

Glen. Great. you know you can add photos from other members to this gallery? That's what makes it unique.


Reply Nr.2 from Glen Charles on 04-7-14 11:10 AM

Made my first custom Album "Sailing"

thanks JT.

Reply Nr.1 from Leica Images on 04-6-14 9:43 AM

First of all, I left a reference to zeissimages in the email to leicaimages. So. excuse the dumb mistake :)
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