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Lensbrowser Site

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Posted: 03-13-14 4:09 PM - Views: 998

By: Leica Images

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[size=17]I have just put up a site linking to images taken with specific lenses. For those not familiar with this site and it's sister sites, this will be a great resource. Have a look at www.LensBrowser.com [/size]


Reply from Huss Hardan on 06-9-14 12:09 AM


Can you add the Voigtlander Ultron 40mm F2.0, and Summicron 50mm V1 to the lens list?

Reply from Leica Images on 05-27-14 2:42 PM

Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it :)
Reply from Ced Muscat on 05-27-14 2:38 PM

I too get a whiteout!
Reply from Glen Charles on 05-27-14 12:25 PM

This is just a test, right?
I clicked and got a white page.
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