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What is your latest gear aquisition?

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What is your latest gear aquisition?

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 09-8-21 10:49 AM - Views: 905

By: Leica Images

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Its been a while since I purchased anything new. Butjust recently, picked up a new M10-R Black paint edition. The problem is that I baby it and don't want it to get used :) its such a beauty!

Besides that I also picked up a used Sony A6600.


So, for now I am set gear wise. a total of 3 cameras now. Includingmy old Nikon F6.


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Reply Nr.3 from Peter Elgar on 01-20-23 2:47 AM

I as given a 1946 Leica IIIc + 50mm f2 Summitar  it needed a new Rangefinder mirror -- I got it fixed by a Technician I know in Rayleigh, Essex England. 

I have also just lately been given a CANON Powershot G5 Digital and have taken some good test shots with it but i noticed 'Colour Fringing' around the Whites. 

Reply Nr.2 from Leica Images on 10-21-21 8:55 PM

There have to be more people buying stuff than just us :)

Reply Nr.1 from Andrew Paquette on 09-9-21 10:50 AM

I just bought a Broncolor Scoro S (3200) power pack and 2x Unilights, 1x picolight, a projector attachment, and a picobox.

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