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selecting a lens for posted images.....

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selecting a lens for posted images.....

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 02-20-20 11:36 AM - Views: 582

By: Paul Cooper

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I posted some images to LI, but I seem unable to write the technical notes (what lens, film, scanner) with each picture. how does one do it?


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Reply Nr.3 from Leica Images on 02-24-20 3:45 PM



make sure you are logged in. Click on The top "Gallery" menu then click on "Edit my photos"

From there make the changes and click apply to every photo as you make the changes.


Or, you can view the photo and click the edit icon to get the same choice.



Reply Nr.2 from Paul Cooper on 02-24-20 10:37 AM

How come the website administrator can't answer this question?

Reply Nr.1 from Paul Cooper on 02-22-20 11:08 AM

Is there anybody that knows how to do it?

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