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Contest Winner

Contest Winner

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Posted: 01-4-19 11:14 AM - Views: 1726

By: Leica Images

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We have a winner.

Our member Sol has been chosen as wthe winner for her fantastic entry which can be seen here: https://www.leicaimages.com/photo/101179

It's no surprise she garnished so many likes. She produces amazing photographic work which is enjoyable to view.

Lets give SOL a big congrats on winning this years contest!

Thanks you all for your participation.



Reply from Sol Marrades on 01-11-19 11:01 AM

Thanks again to everyone!! :-))

All the best.


Reply from Theo Steijaert on 01-6-19 7:37 AM

Congratulations Sol!

Reply from Rene on 01-5-19 11:26 AM

Well deserved indeed. Congratulations and again - a wonderful picture!


Reply from Bill Schneider on 01-5-19 7:05 AM

As soon as the contest started my thoughts as to who could win went to Sol. She as a style and vision that makes her photography very special.

So happy for Sol.

Reply from Akarim Hussein on 01-5-19 4:22 AM

Congratulations  Unreserved liked from me.

Reply from Chris Frangoulidis on 01-5-19 4:12 AM

Sol Marades you deserved this award. We wish you now try your good photography with an appropriate Zeiss lens. Congratulations!

Reply from Gus on 01-5-19 1:54 AM

congratulations Sun, this award is well-deserved, the photo is magnificent


all the best


Reply from Sol Marrades on 01-5-19 12:29 AM

Thank you dear friends!!:-)

It has been a pleasant surprise for me to start the year with this great news!! :-)

Thanks to everyone who voted for my work and considered that he deserved the award.
Thanks to Leicaimages (Jorge Torralba) and Zeiss as sponsor of the contest.

Good luck, always ... to find good light!!

All the best.



Reply from Geoff Heaton on 01-4-19 9:29 PM

Congratulations Sol, it is well deserved and a really good photograph

Reply from Steve Mark on 01-4-19 5:20 PM

Congrats Sol!!!!! Well Deserved!! Bravo!

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