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Subject: about the lens section

Category: Leica Images Chat

Posted: 12-29-18 11:42 PM - Views: 759

By: Gus

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who updates that section?


the Leica Summilux of the camera D Luxe typ 109, the Summilux Vario 24-75 1.7, is not

this means that we can never select this option as our lens in the photos

Could it be changed in some way and add this lens to select it?

Thank you

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Reply from Gus on 12-31-18 4:58 PM

many thanks Jorge


Happy New year

Reply from Jt on 12-31-18 4:57 PM

Thanks. It is there now.



Reply from Gus on 12-31-18 9:27 AM

Thanks a¡I send you this PM


"thanks for the reply

The Leica D Luxe Type 109 carries a Summilux Vario 24-75 1.7 ASPH

this one can not be found, it's the Leica that I use the most

I would appreciate it included to be able to select it

Thank you and happy new year

Reply from Jt on 12-31-18 9:25 AM

For the most part the lens selection is updated and maintained by me. If there is a needed change, just let me know what the changes are and I will take care of it. Also, if the lens is extracted from EXIF data, that will be used for the lens info.

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