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Contest Time !

Contest Time !

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Posted: 12-3-18 12:22 PM - Views: 1573

By: Leica Images

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Dear members. I am pleased to announce that this year's ZeissImages contest is taking a slight diversion. This year, Zeiss will sponsor our annual contest here on LeicaImages. So, If you are a member of the site, here is your chance to win a Zeiss ZM lens for your M mount camera or simply choose one of the other options available for the prize.

Before we get into the details here are yhe prize options ...

The lucky winner will be able to select one of the following ZM lenses.

21mm 2.8

25mm 2.8

28mm 2.8

35mm 2.8

35mm 2.0

50mm 1.5

50mm 2.0

85mm 4.0


Or one of the following Batis lenses.


18mm 2.8

25mm 2.0

40mm 2.0

85mm 1.8


Or ANY Loxia lens


Or any of the following Milvus lenses

35mm 2.0

50mm 1.4


As far as the the contest goes, the rules are pretty straight forward..

  • Only 3 entries are allowed into the category "2018 Contest" 
  • You must be a member of LeicaImages.
  • You must have images in your gallery here on Leicaimages besides the contest category.
  • Liking photos is only one part of the judging. 
  • I will make the final decision on the winning photo. However, the Likes a photo receives will be a factor in that decision.
  • Don't even think of signing up multiple times to cast multiple votes. Computers have a way of knowingthese things.


How do I submit photos?

Just upload them into the 2018 Contest category.


There is no specific theme this year. We are looking for a few things that make a photograph great.

We are looking for...

  • Composition
  • lighting
  • Use of aperature to enhance a photo
  • Most importantly, we are looking for a photo which grabs your attention and keeps you engaged.

We understand opinions may vary drastically on this subject which is why I will have the final say. If you are interested in knowing what stirs my emotions when looking at photographs, have a look at my favorites here https://www.leicaimages.com/favorite-photos/4 

The contest will run through the end of the month and a winner will be announced shortly after. 


Good luck everyone!







Reply from Leica Images on 01-1-19 10:16 AM

The contest has now officially closed. Please allow me a few days to digest the entries and feedback froim our members.


Thank you all and Happy New Year!

Reply from Leica Images on 12-14-18 8:17 AM

Yes. Just drop 3 photos into the contest 2018 category. No more than 3. 

Reply from Gus on 12-13-18 7:36 AM



i am new to the site, since a few months ago, but I think I´ve put some photos right.


edit and change the category, just this?




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