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Subject: What do you think of the new site?

Category: Feedback

Posted: 06-28-18 8:23 AM

By: Jt

Please provide some feedback. Like, don't like? what do yo think after the overhaul?

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Reply from Jt on 01-15-19 7:25 PM

Well, I fixed the digiital issue. but i cannot replicate your all private photos.  Make sure Private is not selected in yhour upload screen.

Reply from Jt on 01-15-19 12:10 PM

Well, that should not be happening. Let me take a look.

Reply from Peter Elgar on 01-15-19 3:29 AM

I don't like that all my FILM Photos have been marked now as 'Digital' when i do not own a 'Digital LEICA' -- also all are marked 'Private' -- just noticed -- and i have to got through ALL my photos to change it and sometimes I cannot remember what FILM I used unless i find the photo on Flickr -- just too much hassle ! 

Reply from Michael Demeyer on 11-26-18 1:08 AM

Trying to use from my iPhone and finding it essentially impossible.  Tells me to go to my “dashboard” to enter my lenses, which I guess were lost in the migration, but I can’t find anything that takes me to something called a dashboard or has things like the lens list.  

I guess I’ll try from the PC when I get home...

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