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Likes and progress of level

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Likes and progress of level

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 05-19-18 10:37 AM - Views: 613

By: Annonymous

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I get mesages of likes of my photographs, but cannot see. which person has liked them. And forthermore I cannot see my level and any progress. Both things I liked in the former software. Do I make an mistake or how can I get this information. Or have you deleted both things with the new software ???

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Reply Nr.3 from Leica Images on 05-20-18 10:47 AM

Ok. If a photo has been liked, you will see a button underneath the number of likes that says "Liked by" click on that button and you will see the members who liked the photo.


Reply Nr.2 from Annonymous on 05-20-18 10:34 AM

You do really a lot of work - thank you for that. So far I try to get familiar with all possibilities. Looks very promising.

Reply Nr.1 from Leica Images on 05-20-18 9:43 AM

You can currently see your pictures that have been liked by members by going to your dashboard and clicking on the option to do so.

Within the next day or two, I will add the ability for you to see who liked your photo. So yes, it is coming soon.

There is a progress bar already in your profile section. But it only indicates how complate your profile is.

I will have an indicator based on photos and comments as well in the near future.

Remember, I am a one man shop and I am trying to modernize the site on my own.


What do you think so far?

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