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St. Antoniuskerk

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Focal lengthNot recorded


Exposure ISO 50 - 1.300 s at f/1


Date posted2013-12-08

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waeshael - 12-9-13 6:56 PM
Nice job, then.
I posted a link in the forum A7 thread about using ACR to convert SONY raw files, and IDC from SONY is a much better converter.
paqart - 12-8-13 11:36 AM
I didn't use HDR on any of the shots I've posted. This is one of about twenty shots I took of this scene (some with a Nikon D800 + Nikkor 35mm 1.4G for comparison). Getting this value range took some fiddling with the aperture and shutter speed, but not much work in pp. The Nikon shots were much worse. The canal shot was a nightmare, but I finally got what I wanted by dealing with individual color channels in LR. I have only started to use LR, but I will tell you that I wanted to switch to Photoshop several times on that shot. I would have painted a nice clean mask, then adjusted the foreground and BG elements separately, but finally got close enough without having to do that. However, I am tempted to do it later.

waeshael - 12-8-13 6:25 AM
DId you use HDR, DRO, or pp to get this look? Nicely balanced, good luminance, better color than I would expect from a straight shot. Yet, if HDR it is well done. Did you have to undistort the image, or is this how the 35mm works on the 7r?