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Lovers' Locks on the Ponte Veccio
Photo By: jlancasterd
10-13-10 12:16 AM - Comment by: jlancasterd
The locks aren't 'used' as such - what happens is that lovers buy the lock, write their names on it, attach it to the railings, and throw the key into the river.

I guess it's a way of saying 'together for ever'...
Photo By: valtievsky
10-11-10 9:16 AM - Comment by: valtievsky
Thank you :)
Photo By: miklosphoto
10-9-10 9:38 AM - Comment by: torralba
This is really a great moment you captured. I bet it did not last long so you must have been ready with the focus :) Just wonderful. IF I were to do anything with this, I would just crop out some of the countertop.
Photo By: miklosphoto
10-7-10 4:34 PM - Comment by: dcm
I love this - wonderful photo with great tones
Photo By: miklosphoto
10-7-10 7:26 AM - Comment by: torralba
Great shot. Love the composition and control of DOF.
Photo By: miklosphoto
10-6-10 2:45 PM - Comment by: miklosphoto
Thank you! Good idea, I will convert it to B&W.
Photo By: charleskoh
10-6-10 11:04 AM - Comment by: charleskoh
Singapore F1 - 2 weeks ago. Lotus car speeding off after pit stop.
Photo - 5706
Photo By: torralba
10-2-10 2:49 PM - Comment by: torralba
May Day Protest in Downtown Portland.