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Photo 101620
By: becor
Nice image. Looks quiet.
The terminal
By: sol
Very nice Sol. Mystic moment.
Winters End
By: n.w.
Very clean. Nice..... snow. Nice image.
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Photo - 101561
Thank you, JT - it's actually a kind of cheating, you know, to pick freeze frames from video material, but I noticed the situation at the first run through, and decided to share it with my colleagues!
Photo 101570
Nice image.
Photo 101564
By: becor
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🕐 03-4-19 11:32 AMsol posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Cardboard horses
By: sol
Your comments are welcome, Jerry, Chris!!
Thank you all for your "like" :-))
Photo 101544
Thank You for the like, Miami,Fl.
Photo 101549
Thank You for the likes, Homestead Miami Ballon Glow in Florida
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Photo 101512
Wow. Me encanta!
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🕐 02-26-19 11:56 AMsol posted Click to Reply and View all comments
mobile phone
By: sol
Hi Odd,
It's the Zeiss Batis 2/25 lens.
Thanks for your message and your time! :-)
Basilica San Bartolomeo all'Isola, Roma
By: itus49
Very nice. Black skies!
Photo 101507
Youngest grandson , love him and my X2, thank you for the likes :)
🕐 02-19-19 12:04 AMchriseeo posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Photo - 101490
Thank you all for your kind likes.
Enjoying a Pint
Very nice image. A man of simple pleasures, a pint, and some quiet time.
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Photo 101488
Thank you so much chriseeo
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Photo 101482
Many thanks, Jerry!
Odd Male Shovler
By: gip
Nice image.
Photo 101483
Wonderful image.
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🕐 02-5-19 6:57 AMgus. posted Click to Reply and View all comments
By: sol
great Sol