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🕐 10-24-15 10:54 AMphotosphere42
Rise & Shine:::Singapore
Nice image!
🕐 04-17-14 10:05 PMfriedeye
This is a spectacular photo. Wonderful.
🕐 04-17-14 12:26 PMced
A, Excellent!
🕐 04-17-14 12:04 PMlilia
Beautiful capture!
🕐 02-21-14 2:42 AMantidotepictures
Thanks very much for the kind words. It is the 'bookend' shot for my gallery - the other bookend shot is here
🕐 02-20-14 5:45 PMantidotepictures
Thanks v much!
🕐 02-20-14 5:14 PMantidotepictures
🕐 02-20-14 4:22 PMjrbelmuda
excellent dog's eye view
🕐 02-20-14 4:21 PMjrbelmuda
everybody busy and focused on where they are going, nice capture.
🕐 02-20-14 4:21 PMjrbelmuda
good to see the pensioners out and letting everybody know how they feel.
🕐 02-20-14 4:20 PMjrbelmuda
nice interest and the flare makes it for me
🕐 02-20-14 11:54 AMnikki
Photo 41812
Love this shot!
🕐 01-16-14 2:45 PMamjorreto
Romeo & Juliet by Goh Choo San
Excellent shot
🕐 11-25-13 8:47 AMantidotepictures
Little India, Singapore
🕐 11-25-13 7:53 AMced
Little India, Singapore
A, Interesting Reflection!
🕐 10-27-13 8:30 AMantidotepictures
Invisible ::: Philadelphia
This is an incredible piece of public art -
Philadelphia is unofficially known as the City of Murals - it is the largest public arts program in the US (more details here ).

This mural is one of my favourites and its by mural artist Josh Sarantitis & local weaver Kathryn Pannepacker is called“Finding Home.”
🕐 10-27-13 8:25 AMwaeshael
Invisible ::: Philadelphia
Tell about this shot and the architecture here. Is this a composite or an actual place?
🕐 10-27-13 12:16 AMwaeshael
Good morning:::Singapore
What architecture! Will you share some info on these buildings?
Good picture.
🕐 10-27-13 12:13 AMwaeshael
He runs the pub:::London
The title is very helpful to understanding the relationship between the people and the scene. Glad you took the time to title many of your pictures. The pictures of London are very poignant.
🕐 10-26-13 9:51 AMantidotepictures
Photo 37947
Thanks v much for the comments!
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