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🕐 03-29-14 10:17 PMjejlmd posted Click to view details
Photo by: Patrik Nellhag
🕐 07-5-13 6:30 PMjejlmd posted Click to view details
Gray Wheel
Photo by: jejlmd
Thank you, Itus
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🕐 05-19-13 3:13 PMjejlmd posted Click to view details
Vendor w Cap
Photo by: jejlmd
Thank you, Sol. You're very kind. But I MUST SAY..... Your photo, "Welcome, Spring" is a photo I'll NEVER FORGET. It is one of the most memorable (and beautiful) photos I've ever seen... Photos that are composed of subject material which would make a beautiful PAINTING are quite singular, and "Welcome, Spring" is truly gorgeous!!!
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🕐 03-29-12 5:47 AMjejlmd posted Click to view details
Photo by: jejlmd
haha. Thank you.
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🕐 03-25-12 11:55 PMjejlmd posted Click to view details
Man w Tam
Photo by: jejlmd
Sorry, Morry. But I was hoping for a Photographic critique.

Nonetheless, with your comment, I went on to do some additional research. Although it seems as though 'beret' (of French origin) could be construed as being more specific, and 'tam' (Scottish) somewhat more general, there are arguable differences. A tam typically is woven, often includes a 'toorie' or pom-pom on top, and is variably colored and patterned as to the Scotsman's clan. This gentleman's Basque style felt cap is described both as a beret and a tam in the same sentence by a number of vendors...some even using the neologism: 'tam beret'. Although not all cars are automobiles, I would not take offense if someone referred to my convertible as either.
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🕐 03-14-12 7:08 PMjejlmd posted Click to view details
Photo 21933
Photo by: evje
GREAT composition. Greater technical achievement.

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