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🕐 11-26-10 9:58 AMbill blackwell
Photo 9211
Chriseeo: What an eye you have! I didn't even notice those - now that you have me looking I see two more at the bottom left of the screen. No issues, just a dirty sensor.
🕐 11-23-10 8:11 PMbill blackwell
Photo 9211
This shot, taken at about 3:00 in the afternoon, is the Blue-Angels (F-18 fighters) demonstration at the 2010 Miramar airshow a few months ago. The eerie black sky is exactly how the camera captured the shot. Most of my posted pictures are uncropped, but this one represents about a 30% crop from the original shot.
🕐 11-23-10 7:53 PMbill blackwell
Photo 9212
This shot was taken at the Miramar (San Diego) airshow a few months ago during the F-18 supersonic flight demonstration. This was the only time I managed to catch the sonic 'mushroom' vapor blast, which happens just at the moment the jet hits the sound barrier.
🕐 11-23-10 7:44 PMbill blackwell
Liberty Under Guard
I was traveling in the Washington DC area in 2002 about nine-months after 9-11. At the time Liberty was closed to the public and under armed guard. I took this shot from Liberty Park looking straight up while the officer stood at the edge of the platform.
🕐 11-23-10 7:24 PMbill blackwell
Photo 9292
Yea, this one is most definitely for the birds ...
🕐 11-23-10 7:21 PMbill blackwell
Photo 9351
... so I'm traveling up the central California coast and I stop to take a break near San Simeon. I was just hanging out enjoying the view when this guy walks up to the bluff, whips out his bagpipes, and starts playing. It was one of the most surreal moments of my entire life.
🕐 11-23-10 7:10 PMbill blackwell
Titan II
This is a Titan II missile silo near Tuscon, AZ which was disarmed during the Reagan administration as part of the SALT II treaty. What you are looking at is the intact missile (minus the warhead) still in the silo under a plexiglas dome. The eerie washed out corners are reflections from the sky above.
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