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2012 LeicaImages Contest.

United States torralba | 2012-11-30 | Viewed 5571 times | Bottom
LeicaImages.com, the online photo gallery of images captured with world class Leica cameras and optics is pleased to announce it's annual photography contest for 2012. Once again, the prize will be provided by PopFlash.com. Thanks to Tony Rose, the owner of PopFlash.com , who is a USA Authorized Leica dealer, the winner will receive a new Leica X2 camera.

Embeded Photo

The theme this year will be “ A story with available light”. Creating a dramatic image which is enhanced by the use of available natural or artificial light. Simply put, this means no flash photography. The image should draw your attention and keep you interested by the story you can imagine from it and the impact the light has on the subject. Put your imagination and creative skills to work.

This contest is an opportunity for photographers to showcase their work. There are no fees or exchange of services required to participate in the contest. This is simply a way for LeicaImages.com and PopFlash.com to show their appreciation to those who make photography exciting.

We ask that you follow these basic rules and guidelines:

The contest is open to LeicaImages.com members only.
You agree that you are the sole owner of the photograph submitted and are obeying copyright protection laws.
You can submit up to 3 photographs taken with leica equipment. It can be with a Leica camera, lens or combination.
You can update, delete or add new photographs as long as it is done before the deadline date
You agree that if you are the winner, Popflash.com and LeicaImages reserve the right to display the winning image on their website.

Photos must be upload to the category "2012 Contest"
File sizes and limitation are displayed at the bottom of the upload page.
Deadline for submissions are Midnight GMT -8 Feb 28, 2013.

How the Judging will take place after the contest closes

After the contest is closed, do not attempt to edit a photo in the Contest Category. Doing so will remove the photo from the contest.

  • Make sure your setting under http://LeicaImages.com/usercp.php allows your photos to be rated.

  • The contest entries can be viewed here http://leicaimages.com/standardgallery.php?photocategoryid=35&showall

  • The only votes that will count are from members who have photos in their LeicaImages gallery, or have written comments about other photos in the LeicaImages gallery.

  • Only votes cast after the contest closes will be counted.

  • When the voting period has ended, no more voting will be allowed on the contest entries.

  • Rate the photos from 1 to 5. If you do not rate a photo, it will count as a zero. All the ratings for each photo will be added up for a total score.

  • The photo with the highest score will be the winner.

  • If there is a tie, the photos from the tie will be open for an additional week of voting.

  • If there is another tie, the site administrator ( yours truly ) will chose the winner from the remaining finalists.

    VComments are appreciated but do not count towards the scoring.

We encourage you to visit PopFlash.com for your Leica needs. They are a USA authorized dealer which ships worldwide and are considered one of the top dealers in the United States. Furthermore, members of LeicaImages.com get the best pricing from PopFlash.com.

Good Luck !

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United States torralba | 12-28-12 6:53 PM | Bottom
A few minor updates.

Votes will only be counted from members registered before the contest closes.

If a photo or member is disqualified, votes from that member will not be counted.

If a member does not have a history of participating on the site, his or her vote will not count. What does this mean? Simply put, if you only have photos in the contest or have uploaded all your photos on the same day that will not count. There are many long time members here that have been contributing photos and critiquing other photos for a while and they are considered active participants.

If you register multiple times under different names and vote, those votes will not count. There are ways of identifying such users.

I hope this clarifies a few questions regarding the contest. If we have a civil and professional voting experience, we will keep the process in place for the next contest. If not, a judge will select the next contest winner.

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