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More depth of field for flowers comes from small sensors

United States waeshael | 2017-08-01 | Viewed 457 times | Bottom
It is a fact that the smaller the sensor the more the depth of field. Compared with a full frame camera the compact using a 1/1.7 sensor size will have much more DOF at the same aperture.

This has two advantages to the nature photographer. One is that you can work in dimly lit places using a wide aperture to allow shorter exposures which stops motion of the leaves in the wind, the other is that all of the details of the flower will be in focus.

There is nothing worse than seeing a picture in which some of the petals are blurred - this is so un-natural. When we look at the original everything is sharp.

If you are using a mirrorless camera with a long lens, and are forced to work at maximum aperture to stop the lens wobble from fuzzing the picture the smaller the sensor the better the nature picture becomes.

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