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🕐 06-4-18 8:05 PMtorralba
Just hanging.
Thanks Steve. Friendly guy. Just another day in Portland.
🕐 06-4-18 7:35 PMshtarka1
Flipper's finger got stuck
Jorge, tell him he can stick that finger....;-) Nice!
🕐 06-4-18 7:34 PMshtarka1
Where you going? I like you ....
Powerful Juxtaposition!
🕐 06-4-18 7:32 PMshtarka1
Photo - 100164
Heck of a shot! What’s the story with this guy & his hat, JT?
🕐 06-4-18 4:33 PMshtarka1
Photo - 100156
Thanks Brotha! Post Up!!
🕐 06-3-18 11:18 AMwaeshael
Ball on the Boardwalk
Nice picture, Wanted to get together with you but the family took all my time. Did a wedding with the LC5. Talk to you on the Net when I get home.
🕐 06-2-18 12:00 AMmitresg
Decor at a cafe
Thank you.. Buddy Hoagie - this cafe - had hoped to cater to the old-timers. Thus, the past stars, the antique piano. That vision has faded, replaced by youngster, kids; who hammer on the keyboard.
🕐 05-30-18 12:44 PMced
leap of faith
Sorin very nice image! Istanbul?
🕐 05-30-18 4:24 AMwaeshael
By: gip
Lovely capture and picture.
🕐 05-30-18 4:22 AMwaeshael
Photo 21967
It is as if the lone visitor is being observed by all stationary objects in the room. An illustration about loneliness perhaps. Of course it must have resonated with Sol as it is one of her themes also, It is a very good picture.
🕐 05-28-18 6:14 PMtorralba
Photo 100087
Nice range of tones on this B&W conversion.
🕐 05-27-18 8:02 PMtorralba
an old town near Beijing
Love it !
🕐 05-24-18 4:00 PMgmanp
Day One
By: gmanp
sol Thanks so much
🕐 05-24-18 2:43 PMtorralba
Photo 100044
By: gip
Is that something edible? hmmm. :)
🕐 05-24-18 1:06 PMshtarka1
Staying in the shade.
🕐 05-24-18 3:36 AMwaeshael
Photo 100028
Hi OM: I am in UK to shoot a wedding (brothers) tomorrow. I decided to bring three LC5s, a SONY NEX and an old FZ5 because of its zoom and Leica Elmarit lens. I expect that most of the shots will be with the LC5. I left all the heavy cameras at home due to weight limits of carry on (22 lbs for all cameras and computers combined.) Wx so far is sunny. Spent a week in Barcelona so may post a few of them. I talked with Dave Little a bit. He is shooting Ilford film with a IIIg, and digital with M-8 as backup. He says Kodak is going to produce Ektachrome in USA. I may dust off my M-6!
🕐 05-23-18 8:18 AMshtarka1
Photo 100037
Thanks JT!
🕐 05-23-18 7:59 AMtorralba
Southern Exmoor
My wife will get homesick if she see this.
🕐 05-23-18 3:23 AMgip
Photo 100035
By: heinzx
Nice capture. I have tried to catch one in flight,but no luck to date. Not many nature photos with this camera and lense. Shoot some more please.
🕐 05-23-18 2:45 AMshtarka1
Photo - 64919
Cool Cat & Shot!