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Open doors without boards
Photo By: heinzx
03-23-18 4:48 AM - Comment by: heinzx
It is not a big problem to get rid of the boards.
Open house day - open doors
Photo By: heinzx
03-23-18 4:10 AM - Comment by: itus49
Too bad for the right wing, it would have been better not to have those boards on that wall
Waiting for Spring
Photo By: laowai
03-20-18 2:41 PM - Comment by: n.w.
The title fits the image well. B&W also brings it that waiting look.
Small Alligator catching some morning light
Photo By: gip
03-19-18 2:11 PM - Comment by: n.w.
You can keep your alligators in your area. I'll stick with grizzly bears.
Photo By: otamendi
03-17-18 5:01 PM - Comment by: mitresg
I suppose they are bicycles, with identical boxes? Try to imagine what it would be like in B&W. May be better with color.
A bannister
Photo By: mitresg
03-17-18 8:45 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. The piece of translucent glass separator and the glowing background light made a difference, I think.
Photo By: heinzx
03-16-18 7:22 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Nice Leica Color.
Open-air night dining
Photo By: mitresg
03-16-18 1:52 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. It is scary, when I look at the noise on the white tables; no noise reduction could make a dent. May be shooting at ISO3200, this is something unavoidable and must be taken into account.
Photo By: photosphere42
03-12-18 8:08 PM - Comment by: photosphere42
Lens: Nikon NIKKOR-S Auto 1:1.2 f=55mm.
Temple in early morning
Photo By: mitresg
03-12-18 6:11 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. The top, small placard proclaims that the temple teaches the correct doctrine. They all do. The bottom placard, proclaims that it holds a Buddha relic. For me, I just tried to get sharpness and correct exposure.
Photo By: gip
03-11-18 3:58 PM - Comment by: n.w.
Interesting image Gip.
The toning works well.
Tree Spirits
Photo By: rsd
03-11-18 3:55 PM - Comment by: n.w.
Nice detail
Flight of Stairs, Caltagirone, Sicily
Photo By: yantorno
03-9-18 12:39 PM - Comment by: ced
What is on the menu?
Photo By: mitresg
03-7-18 7:30 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. The ladies checked the menu; the little girl was aghast at the price.
An indoor children's playground
Photo By: mitresg
03-5-18 8:08 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. This cafe caters to parties; there are outdoor/indoor playgrounds. First thing that struck me was the high contrast between outdoor and indoor; second thing was the wooden horse staring at the same game I was staring at. I just wanted to get all that.
A back alley scene
Photo By: mitresg
03-4-18 1:38 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. I was attracted by the van's metallic roof, and the lines. The 2 guys, I had to wait.
A bra shop on sale
Photo By: mitresg
03-4-18 1:15 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. Hehehe!
Cleaning the lily pond
Photo By: mitresg
03-2-18 12:04 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. Our Botanic Garden is a World Heritage Site. It is a pleasant, non-commercial place; there are no peddlers of souvenirs, no postcard shops.
But, it does require an army of workers (these are from India) to keep the Garden in pristine conditions.
Thunder clouds overhead
Photo By: mitresg
02-28-18 2:22 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. I don't seem to see many thunderstorm like this nowadays.
Umbrella in Havanna
Photo By: mrbistrom
02-28-18 5:29 AM - Comment by: photosphere42
Nice image.


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