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In the kingdom of silence
Photo By: sol
06-10-18 12:40 PM - Comment by: sol
Thank you very much for your messages and for your time, dear friends!! :-)
Golden Venice
Photo By: sol
06-9-18 10:51 PM - Comment by: sol
Thank you very much for your kind words, Jorge! :-) You are always very generous with my work ... All the best
Photo - 100179
Photo By: torralba
06-7-18 9:02 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Nice Pic, but that Hats gotta go! ;-)
Photo - 100169
Photo By: heinzx
06-5-18 4:57 PM - Comment by: torralba
I think it's more of "You gotta be kidding me. What am I doing here?"
Gray Wolf
Photo By: northwest
06-5-18 8:27 AM - Comment by: torralba
Would love to see a larger version of this. Would be my desktop :)
Photo - 100155
Photo By: shtarka1
06-5-18 7:35 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Thanks Jorge. Basic P.S.,Silver Effex Pro, MM246 & Noct 0.95 :-)
Just hanging.
Photo By: torralba
06-4-18 8:05 PM - Comment by: torralba
Thanks Steve. Friendly guy. Just another day in Portland.
Flipper's finger got stuck
Photo By: torralba
06-4-18 7:35 PM - Comment by: shtarka1
Jorge, tell him he can stick that finger....;-) Nice!
Where you going? I like you ....
Photo By: torralba
06-4-18 7:34 PM - Comment by: shtarka1
Powerful Juxtaposition!
Photo - 100164
Photo By: torralba
06-4-18 7:32 PM - Comment by: shtarka1
Heck of a shot! What’s the story with this guy & his hat, JT?
Photo - 100156
Photo By: shtarka1
06-4-18 4:33 PM - Comment by: shtarka1
Thanks Brotha! Post Up!!
Ball on the Boardwalk
Photo By: handgun
06-3-18 11:18 AM - Comment by: waeshael
Nice picture, Wanted to get together with you but the family took all my time. Did a wedding with the LC5. Talk to you on the Net when I get home.
Decor at a cafe
Photo By: mitresg
06-2-18 12:00 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you.. Buddy Hoagie - this cafe - had hoped to cater to the old-timers. Thus, the past stars, the antique piano. That vision has faded, replaced by youngster, kids; who hammer on the keyboard.
leap of faith
Photo By: vidisorin
05-30-18 12:44 PM - Comment by: ced
Sorin very nice image! Istanbul?
Photo By: gip
05-30-18 4:24 AM - Comment by: waeshael
Lovely capture and picture.
Photo By: nikkor105
05-30-18 4:22 AM - Comment by: waeshael
It is as if the lone visitor is being observed by all stationary objects in the room. An illustration about loneliness perhaps. Of course it must have resonated with Sol as it is one of her themes also, It is a very good picture.
Photo By: brianbryan
05-28-18 6:14 PM - Comment by: torralba
Nice range of tones on this B&W conversion.
an old town near Beijing
Photo By: beatricehom
05-27-18 8:02 PM - Comment by: torralba
Love it !
Day One
Photo By: gmanp
05-24-18 4:00 PM - Comment by: gmanp
sol Thanks so much
Photo By: gip
05-24-18 2:43 PM - Comment by: torralba
Is that something edible? hmmm. :)