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🕐 11-11-18 10:34 AMtorralba
the meet....again
Great shot. Makes me feel like I am there. Very real.
🕐 11-10-18 2:35 AMsol
By: sol
Thank you very much for your message, Geoff!! :-) All the best
🕐 11-9-18 2:57 AMchriseeo
Lisa at the park
By: rkh
Sweet little thing!
🕐 11-9-18 1:56 AMchriseeo
Photo - 100816
By: loik
Very clever and effective setup.
🕐 11-8-18 10:21 PMbrianbryan
Photo - 100772
Thank you - on behalf of God, who provided the setup, and the season which in turn provided the colours . . . I brought my A7rII, Noct 0,95 wide open for the bokeh, and a little extension ring. The Noct is normally not exactly suited for closeups - with 1m minimum distance.
🕐 11-8-18 2:18 PMchriseeo
'Caught a Mood
By: rkh
One can spot good film creations. Can you give us dev particulars?
🕐 11-1-18 8:57 PMpaqart
Photo 100790
By: paqart
Thanks Jorge, it is appreciated! I just moved to NY to become a full-time photographer, so wish me luck!

🕐 11-1-18 7:08 PMtorralba
Photo 100787
By: paqart
Fantastic !
🕐 11-1-18 7:08 PMtorralba
Photo - 100823
Me encanta esta foto. Siempre me han gustado las fotos fijas que parecen estar en movimiento. Es un estilo que mucho admiro.

Embeded Photo
🕐 11-1-18 3:49 AMitus49
Bernardo Milite One of the most brilliant painters of Rome:
By: itus49
He defines himself as:
Modest talent street painter
Repeatedly humiliated, harassed, executed by the City of Rome. Being a painter has become a nightmare.

Since 1976 I exhibit in Piazza Navona. Since 1984 I have been part of the "100 Painters of via Margutta" Association.
During these years I have gone through various styles and I have proposed myself in six personal, in two installations and various collective.
Being a painter was a choice of freedom: how beautiful the dreams of a twenty-two year old!
🕐 10-25-18 11:30 AMsol
Hôtel National des Invalides
By: sol
Thanks, Gip, Odd, Chris ... thank you for your kindness and generosity with my work! :-)
🕐 10-24-18 12:39 PMsol
By: sol
Thank you very much for your message and for your time, dear friends!! :-)): work inspired by the world of cinema (To (the other side: Real/ fiction)
All the best.
🕐 10-16-18 12:01 AMitus49
Photo 100726
By: n.w.
Excellent response on the sand
🕐 10-9-18 12:56 PMn.w.
Photo: 100715
By: gip
Nice sharp image with good color.
🕐 10-7-18 1:23 AMitus49
Modernity and tradition
By: itus49
The photographed has the hat with the triangles of cloth up, it means that it is unmarried.
🕐 10-6-18 6:07 PMphotosphere42
Photo 100003
Very nice image. Well done!
🕐 09-29-18 2:56 AMitus49
Photo - 100684
By: jme
Excellent black and white, shame about the garbage can in the foreground.
🕐 09-16-18 8:00 AMgip
Walking in the evening in Tiananmen Square
By: itus49
Good light, like the composition,sepia tone and motion blur.
🕐 09-10-18 4:00 PMtorralba
Dali, street of foreigners: craftsman
By: itus49
I like this B&W conversion. Love the blacks and contrast. really makes the photo pop.
🕐 09-9-18 1:44 AMsol
About travel and travelers (12)
By: sol
Thank you very much, Dan! :-)) All the best.