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Photo 101452
By: itus49
Nice image.
Street scene code46-22119
By: sol
Very nice image.
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🕐 01-23-19 12:05 PMsol posted Click to Reply and View all comments
By: sol
Yes, Odd, the Zeiss Batis 2/25 lens...
I'm testing with a Sony NEX-7
I have had great luck!! :-)

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The stopped time
By: sol
How on earth does she do it? Photographic artistry at its best.
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Merry Christmas
By: sol
One of my favourites . . <3
Life on the street (1998)
By: sol
Wonderful shot
Photo 101386
Nice image. works well in B&W and the post processing,
Photo - 100934
Just this image shows 5000 views, and zero (0) likes. Why are people viewing it in the first place? I don't care that there are no likes, just curious as to why that many views. What is the attraction?
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🕐 01-14-19 11:31 AMgus. posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Corner in Christmas
By: gus.
many thanks, much apreciatte
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Subway portrait
Thank you, Dimitri!
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🕐 01-8-19 10:19 AMn.w. posted Click to Reply and View all comments
By: n.w.
He never left in some ways. This gentleman is a native resident of Monument Valley. It's his way of life.
Photo - 101159
Very nice!
Photo - 101170
By: bobus
Lovely composition.
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Residents of my refuge
By: sol
This shot is my favorite of the bunch. Just perfect.
Photo 101298
Happy New Year, Fellow Photographers! :-)
Thank you for your "thumbs up"! :-)
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Photo - 101154
Wow . What a great portrait. The B&W looks amazing!
Photo 101203
By: rkh
Very nice image. Like the film!
Photo - 101194
By: laowai
Nice image.
By: rsd
Nice image. Like the atmosphere.
The Big Boat Series
Wow. This scene looks like a disaster in the making. I wonder how often they collide?