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Old Sheep Loading Ramp
Photo By: brasmussen
05-2-15 9:08 AM - Comment by: gip
Intense color and detail on this one. I like it also.
Photo By: rsd
05-1-15 2:58 PM - Comment by: gip
Texture and shadows are good on this one.
Del Rio Winery
Photo By: dalth500
04-30-15 6:20 PM - Comment by: tclair
Well Done!
Heart of blue pansy
Photo By: heinzx
04-29-15 9:24 AM - Comment by: rsd
Interesting mix of colors
Shadow- abstraction
Photo By: heinzx
04-28-15 4:38 PM - Comment by: rsd
I like this one, Heinz!
Photo By: ndr3n
04-28-15 4:06 AM - Comment by: gip
Good use of lighting. Like those dark shadows and the glow of the strings.
Leopard Caterpillar
Photo By: gip
04-27-15 1:32 PM - Comment by: ndr3n
Great capture!
Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point, and Chain
Photo By: rsd
04-26-15 6:05 PM - Comment by: gip
Good idea and a very nice result.
Photo By: brasmussen
04-26-15 9:27 AM - Comment by: gip
Outstanding Mate. This one took some effort.
NY cyclist
Photo By: sparth
04-25-15 8:07 PM - Comment by: richiefly
Photo By: rsd
04-25-15 5:27 PM - Comment by: rsd
Thanks, Gip. I thought it would lend itself to B&W at first but it looked too flat and "homogenized" compared to color when I tried it.
Orchids on the porch
Photo By: gip
04-25-15 7:48 AM - Comment by: handgun
I agree with Glen. The Colours are exquisite.
Photo By: handgun
04-25-15 5:32 AM - Comment by: gip
Lots of nice light and shadows. Hang on to that M8.
Almost gone red tulip
Photo By: heinzx
04-24-15 4:13 PM - Comment by: gip
This is my favorite of the group.
Red tulip on stage
Photo By: heinzx
04-24-15 7:18 AM - Comment by: waeshael
Love the colors
Winter wonderland
Photo By: lilia
04-24-15 2:30 AM - Comment by: kanuck
Very nice perspective here well done :)
Los Angeles Refinery
Photo By: dalth500
04-24-15 2:29 AM - Comment by: kanuck
Fantastic work! :)
Sculpture by nature
Photo By: heinzx
04-23-15 3:45 PM - Comment by: gip
I like this one Heinzx. Wish you had shot with one of your better macro lens. Plant has some interesting structure.
East River
Photo By: lilia
04-23-15 10:35 AM - Comment by: itus49
Photo Scrabble
Photo By: rsd
04-23-15 2:59 AM - Comment by: heinzx
Well done !